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Serving Essex County for 20 years, The Women’s Therapy Service of Montclair, LLC is your experienced and premier psychotherapy practice for quality mental health treatment for the entire family – Young Children, Teens, and Adults.

We are here to support you and your family during your toughest times.

We want to help put you and your family back on the path toward wellness as efficiently and expertly as possible, so you can live your live worth living.

Utilizing cutting-edge Evidenced-Based treatments – Comprehensive DBT, CBT,  Mindfulness, Stress-Reduction, and the Expressive Arts Therapies, our qualified therapists offer:

Evaluation and Treatment of Eating Disorders

Comprehensive Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT TEEN  Skills Groups


Child/Adolescent/Family Therapy

Women’s Issues and Maternal Mental Health

Speaking Engagements for the Community

Training and Supervision for Professionals

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DBT  Skills Groups

 Fall 2016

for Teens &  Young Adults

                                                         For the  Recovery  from  Eating Disorders, Depression,         Anxiety,  & Trauma    

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33 Plymouth Street,  Suite 105
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Phone: (973) 783-2292